“Get to school and get there on time”

At Grafton Primary School we want all our children to come to school every day so that they can get the most out of the exciting lessons that our teachers have planned.

To encourage our children to get here on time we award a weekly attendance and punctuality trophy as well as end of term 100% attendance awards.


Attendance and Punctuality Weeks

Additionally we celebrate attendance for a week every term with our “Early Bird” focus weeks when each child has the task of filling in their attendance passport; a full week of stamps means that a child will take a school based prize home whilst everyone has something to remind them about the importance of attendance.


Illness and Appointments

Of course, occasionally, children are ill. When this happens we ask parents and carers to call the school to let us know so that we can record their absence.

Sometimes children may need to visit the hospital or attend an appointment.  We encourage parents and carers to make as many appointments for their children as soon as possible during holiday periods but where this isn’t possible please let the office know beforehand taking your child out for as little of the school day as possible. 

Attendance for the first half of the Autumn Term 2019 was 96.3%