Extended Day

Extended Day provisions include our popular Breakfast Club and the ‘After school’ Centre. There are excellent clubs for the children such as football, basketball, ballet and other forms of dancing, gymnastics, athletics, choir and many more.  All clubs are very well attended and include all ages. The clubs change depending on interest and availability.

Wraparound/holiday childcare

From September 2016, parents of children at school from Reception through to Year 9 (Key Stage 3) have a right to request that its school provides wraparound and holiday childcare.

The government defines ‘wraparound childcare’ as before school childcare (for example, school breakfast clubs) and after school childcare. By ‘holiday childcare’, the government defines this as childcare that is available through schools during the school holidays.

Parents and childcare providers of children at Grafton have a right to request that Grafton provides this childcare – up to Year 6 – by completing the attached form and returning it to the School Office by Wednesday 19 October 2016. The school will then confirm on this website whether enough requests have been submitted for it to consider them in December 2016.

Printed copies of the attached form are also available from the School Office.