More Able and Talented

Able, Gifted and Talented

In Grafton Primary School, we have a long history of supporting our most able pupils through both identification of their particular skills and offering a great deal of provision.

Most provision for our most able pupils occurs within the classroom through extension and enrichment activities. Grafton also has a vast amount of out-of-class enrichment activities.

One of the most powerful and well researched thinking skills programs has been running for many years at Grafton. The Cognitive Acceleration program (Let's Think!) takes place throughout the school from reception up to year 6. During these unique lessons our most able pupils are challenged in English, mathematics, and logic. They are stretched and challenged to the point where their thinking and creativity are stimulated leading to exceptionally high quality work and dialogue.

For example in English our staff  are highly trained in the Let's Think English approach. This system of cognitive acceleration was created at Kings College University. Our most able pupils respond very well to these lessons. In addition we have a writer in residence who works with small groups of children who are very able in English. This work takes place across Key Stage 2.

In mathematics Let's Think lessons also stretch our most able pupils through a series of well-structured lessons that progress in difficulty. We also offer Logic training within this approach for children in Key Stage 1. These lessons have taken place for 15 years at Grafton.

We also have a science specialist who has worked across most year groups. The use of a specialist has enabled our most able pupils to be more deeply involved in science lessons. There is also an after-school club available for our most budding scientists. With the use of advanced questioning techniques and subject knowledge we know that our pupils are well stimulated in science.

Philosophy for Children (P4C) is another well researched approach to thinking and learning that has taken place at Grafton for over 10 years. With the help of in-house philosophy specialists and trained teachers it aims to build children's ability to reason, analyse, create and think clearly. Philosophy for Children has an advantage of being able children's thinking across all subjects. By working collaboratively, all pupils including the most able are allowed to flourish intellectually within the class environment.
All teachers have been trained in methods which enable them to stretch the most able pupils following in-service training. These techniques are used across all subjects within the curriculum.

Grafton has long been known for its source of highly trained staff. We have specialists in music, art, philosophy, English, drama, PE, and science. By utilising a range of experts across so many subjects we aim to provide a wide variety of experience leading to excellent subject provision for our most able pupils. Through such provision comes identification of our most able and from identification comes further provision.