Primary Curriculum

The Grafton School Curriculum

For more detail on each year group's curriculum please see the Curriculum Reports here.

From Years 1 – 6 your child will follow the National Curriculum, please see the Curriculum Reports as they are published for each term.

Please follow the link below for the national Curriculum as published by the government:

The National Curriculum Year 1 to 6

In Early Years the children follow the Education Matters Framework and Early Learning Goals framework.

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Development Matters Early Years Curriculum


Grafton Primary School Follows the 'Read, Write Inc' (previously RML). Phonics programme to teach synthetic phonics.  We also employ Reading Recovery and Catch-up as approached to help children become fluent and confident readers.

Read, Write Inc | PDF

Phonic Programme | DOC


It is important our pupils become competent readers, writers, speakers and listeners, all of which provide pupils with an essential foundation for success in all subjects.

Therefore, a love of books and a desire to read is fostered throughout the Nursery and the Early Years, and as children progress through the primary school they build upon the enthusiasm for reading and writing and this enables them to have increased opportunities and access to the whole curriculum.

Through focused activities, discussions, drama, debates, workshops and class assemblies, our pupils develop confidence in using higher level language skills.

We have an amazing library which sets the standards in valuing reading and learning. Children who have English as an additional language and those who have Special Educational Needs (SEN), are given additional support, as identified by various professionals working with children.


Please click on the link below for English high frequency words.



At Grafton we aim for all our pupils to be numerate and to develop a love of maths by the time they leave primary school. Similarly all pupils leaving EYFS will be ready for a smooth transition into Year 1 though aquisition of key skills and knowledge. Maths lessons are timetabled every morning in all classes. The Maths Mastery programme is in place from Reception - Year 5 (September 2019) and will roll out into Year 6 in September 2020.  This programme is an excellent resource and ensures that pupils build on key skills and knowledge year on year.  Pupils are encouraged to apply arithmetic fluently to problems and to understand and appreciate the importance of mathematics in the real world.. Problem solving and investigations provide the pupils with opportunities to use mathematical skills learned, and make links with everyday situations. Addeed to this the Let’s Think programme is embedded in our school. This maths thinking skills initiative stimulates children’s thought processes and accelerates their learning and allows children to use their skills and knowledge in meaningful everyday scenarios. 



At Grafton the science curriculum is focused on children exploring scientific ideas through hands on practical activities. We want to instil in the children awe and wonder in science and be excited by their learning.

Science Curriculum | DOC


History and Geography

Pupils develop knowledge and understanding of their world focusing on topics linked to their own neighbourhood and to their family history leading to other topics such as the Tudors, Victorians, Greeks, Egyptians, Anglo-Saxons, Britain since the 1930s and world history.

Geography education inspires in pupils a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people and we believe this will remain with our pupils for the rest of their lives. We study places in the world like Brazil and India enabling children to widen their knowledge of other places and make comparisons.

In the autumn we focus on Black History and celebrate the rich cultural diversity of our school. In the summer we celebrate World Day which brings people together enabling us to share a special day of fun, music and dance.


Religious Education, Collective Worship and Cultural Diversity

At Grafton we follow the Islington Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education, the aims of which are to help children achieve knowledge and understanding of different religious beliefs and practises, and to learn to respect the rights and traditions of others.

Through our assemblies we celebrate the diversity of our school and reflect on the curriculum topics focused


Design and Technology

Using creativity and imagination pupil design and make products, drawing on disciplines such as maths, art, science and computing. As part of their work with food, pupils will use the basic principles of healthy and varied diet to understand where food comes from and prepare dishes themselves. Learning how to cook is a life skill and prepares children for the future.