School Council

The School Council is a democratically elected group of children who work with the Associate Head, Head Teacher and Governors to move the school forward.

They meet with the Associate Head twice a month and regularly with the Head Teacher. There are two representatives from each class, a girl and a boy, who themselves hold class councils where they ask their peers for ideas.

These ideas are then developed by the School Council and shared with the whole school and Governors.

So far the School Council have focused on developing a new play structure, school dinners as well as focusing on environmental issues around the school.

Grafton Help Local Food Bank

On Monday 27th February a group of Year Sixes (Martha, Alma, Vivienne, Alex and Mimi) went to Islington Food Bank. Grafton donated 60kg, which is enough to feed six families for 3-5 days. But this isn’t the last visit the girls shall make, we are already collecting more donations from the parents and staff of Grafton. We hope to raise even more food next time. Helen, who worked at the food bank, showed the children how they sorted out the food and how to weigh their donations. The food arrival was very important as the food bank was running out of supplies. “It made me feel warm inside, helping people less fortunate than me. I can’t wait to help other people/animals.” Commented Vivienne, a Year Six girl who donated to the Food Bank.

When the children got to the food bank they proudly gave Helen and her staff the food. The children thought that was the end but Helen said they could weigh the food and take some pictures for their parents. The girls left the Food Bank with big smiles on their faces and return to school knowing they had made a large difference.

Our next fundraiser will be a jumble sail on Axminster Road. The money will be given to lots of charities so it would be pleasant if you could donate some toys or buy.