2019 – 2020


Headteacher – Nitsa Sergides

Associate Headteacher – Andrew Turnock

Lead Deputy Head – Anna Sutton – Overall responsibility for this area of leadership

Deputy Head – Bea Symes – Additional responsibilities at Leadership level.

Lead Assistant Head – Helena Blake – Supporting Lead Deputy Head with Deputy Head responsibilities for one day per week.

Assistant Head – Andy Young supported by Roz Porter

Alison Veal – Early Years Lead 

Gloria Tofi – Safeguarding Lead with additional responsibilities for year 5 (one day per week), PPA and responsible for Grafton Wrap Club




  • Vicky Berkson  – Learning Support and assessment/Language and Communication with 1-1 and group support – F/T
  • Linda Scully – Counsellor – F/T
  • Paul Cutler – Therapist – 1 day per week
  • Charla Givens - Therapist 1 day per week


  • GROUP SUPPORT by: Lauren Cabey, Linda Scully, Michelle Hughes, Lauren Walker, Rebecca Charalambous, Stephanie Franklin, Karen Livingstone, Helena Blake, Helen Williamson.
  • George to support in consultation with Sarah M.
  • Carers for individual children – Caroline, Danielle, Lavina, Katerina, George, Sunny, Lauren, Rebekah.



2+ - ‘The Owl and the Pussy Cat’ 

Leader in Charge - Denise Ocak

Support staff: Daiva Bliuziute – P/T (4 days per week),  Chelsie Ricketts – am only,                                     Leila Mohamed – Morning only for Monday,Tuesday and Friday. Wednesday all day.                       

NURSERY – Rainbow class

1) Teachers in Charge - Jeanette Gerald and Alison Veal

2) Phase Leader for Early Years Foundation Stage – Alison Veal with responsibility for developing and strengthening the Creatives in Early Years.

3) Jeanette Gerald – Responsibility for Admissions for the Nursery and Home Visits.

Support Staff – Jazmin Silva Molina- F/T, Wendy Lewis F/T, Tracy Pearman P/T, Maria Ionta P/T, Nicole Gill F/ .



GREEN class – Rick Jolly - supporting Lucy - PSHE

YELLOW class – Lucy Ewles – Co-ordinator for PSHE

PURPLE class – Christina Hanna – Nursery Nurse supporting children from Reception and Nursery – The oldest from the Nursery and the youngest from the Reception classes – 10 children altogether.

Support staff – Marina Antoniou, Pet Greenland, Lavina Williamson, Rashida Choudhury, Rosy Griffin



BLUE class – Charli Sparks and Justin Ward

Justin Ward – Co-ordinator for Art and supporting Charli

TA/ Trainee for Foundation Degree – Rebecca Charalambous

TA - Rashida A,

George Ignatius and Eren Arken


WHITE class – Jenny Buckley

TA –  Junior Grant  F/T

Sunny Mildren

Luthfun – class support





IVORY class – Nicky Bootes – 3 days per week – Co-ordinator for Let’s Think and joined co-ordinator for MathsMastery.

Tara Garde for 3 days per week – Postholder for Humanities supporting Roz Porter.

HLTA - Stephanie Franklyn – F/T

SAPPHIRE class – Sandra Hall – English postholder

T/A – Michelle Hughes – F/T and Caroline Talbot supporting Mohammed Islam and George Dunn.



GOLD CLASS – Laurel Fleming – Co-ordinator for D.T.

T/A – Karen Lumley and Lauren Walker

RUBY CLASS – Gabi Symons

T/A – Karen Livingstone



LILAC CLASS – Sarah Amissah – Co-ordinator for Computing

T/A – Helen Williamson.

George Ignatious

JADE CLASS – Rose Graham – Co-ordinator for P.E. and postholder for Science.

T/A – Mark Rolston and some support from George Ignatious



EBONY class – James Mather – Co-ordinator for Science

T/A – Nuray 

SILVER class – Roz Porter – 4 days per week -  Co-ordinator for Humanities (History and Geography).

Gloria Tofi- class teacher covering Silver class for one day per week - 

T/A – Elif / Rebekah and Lauren

Gloria Tofi - Safeguarding Officer and the Extended Day (Wrap Club) Leader.



PINK class – Rodney Polydore supported by Bea Symes

Rodney Polydore – Co-ordinator for P for C (Philosophy for Children) and the More Able and Talented (MAT) Pupils with additional input for challenge in the curriculum.

SCARLET class – Anna Sutton supported by Bea Symes 

Anna Sutton – Co-ordinator for Maths for both key stages – Joined co-ordinator with Nicky Bootes for Maths Mastery and responsibilities for Lead Deputy Head

Bea Symes – Co-ordinator for ENGLISH for both key stages with Sandra Hall postholder for English. Also responsibilities for Deputy Head.

ORANGE class – Andy Young

Andy Young – Co-ordinator for Modern Foreign Languages, Assemblies, Religious Education and the Creatives (Dance, Music and Drama)

Helena Blake – Support teacher for year 6

Karyn Bird - Support teacher for year 6   

Karyn Bird – PPA.

TAs- Anna Joannou and Leoni Thompson

Danielle and Katerina.

TA and First Aid - Christella Savva 

Lauren to support 3 days in allocated groups.



Tessa Garland – Artist for three days per week

Diane Samuels – Writer in Residence – 1 day per week

Miffy Hirsch  – MUSIC Lead – VIOLINS - 1 day per week

Katie Morgan – MUSIC – FLUTES / RECORDERS – 2 days per week

JUWON Ogungbe – Music Curriculum focus

Norris Johnson – 1 day per week for drumming


First Aider in Charge – Christella Savva

Playground Leads – Christella Savva, Pet Greenland

Other named first aiders – Leoni Thompson and Lauryn Cabey 

Safeguarding Leads – Nitsa Sergides, Andrew Turnock, Gloria Tofi

Playground Friend co-ordinator and support for Year 6 – Karyn Bird


Office staff

Business Manager – Karen Mazur

Senior SAO – Jenni Whelan – ADMISSIONS, DATA  etc

SAO  – June Richards – DBS REGISTER etc

Admin Officer – Elenitsa Charalambous


The Hub – Leoni and Lauren

School- Home Support – Sarah Harris


Catering staff

Head Cook – Emma Adams

Deputy Cook – Lisa Dixon

Support staff – Teresa Minichiello

                         Koyo Nzala

                         Josie Talbot

Domestic staff

Xemena Silva - Molina, Raquel Vela-Taco, Teresa Minichiello and one other.


Premises Manager – Paul Graham


In addition we have a number of Reading Volunteers and other support staff from various agencies.

This Shadow Structure is the final version for 2019 / 2020 and can be subject to change as the need arises and as considered by the school