Teaching Schools

Grafton Primary School Teaching School Alliance


Grafton primary School is a lead school within a small Teaching School Alliance in Islington in North London.

Our vision is for the all children to achieve within a creative environment with classrooms and teaching of the highest quality.

Our own school environment is interactive, artistic, creative and stimulating and has been created by all the staff led by excellent artists and teaching practitioners under the guidance of the head teacher.

We are now able to support other schools through a variety of interventions including sample lessons, schools tours Hands On Support and skills workshops as well as offering the support of Specialist Leaders in Education in the areas of Science, Music and Art Leadership.

More generally our team of outstanding staff and leaders are able to support across the whole curriculum as well as school leadership and management.                                                              

If you would like to know more about how we can support your school or work together on joint practice development then please send an email to graftonschool@grafton.islington.sch.uk or call Grafton School on 020  72723284

Andrew Turnock

Associate Head Teacher Teaching Schools


National Leader in Education

Our Head Teacher, Nitsa Sergides, is now a National Leader in Education, a role supported and developed by the National College for Teaching and Learning.  As such Nitsa is able to offer challenge and support for schools who require improvement within our whole school package of support.